dwellinggawker is a curated photo gallery that allows you the visual search and discovery of ideas to inspire your living or work space. we publish photography submitted by design and architecture bloggers from around the world. our editors review submissions daily and choose the highest quality, most stunning images to showcase.

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  1. Hover over photo to see the post title.
  2. Click on the photo to open submitter's blog post in new tab.
  3. Hover over photo to display the social media sharing options.
  4. Tap on the magnifying glass or #PostNumber to open post permalink page to view categories and tags or report an issue.
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If you are a design and architecture blogger and would like to contribute to the site, please read the FAQs and start submitting!

who we are

The gawkerverse is a network of curated, blogger submitted photo gallery websites. Our sites are dedicated to showcasing the best...

The company is based in San Francisco and consists of a small team of editors, creatives and developers passionate about photography, food, crafts, fashion and design.